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We are printing parts and looking for testers!

Our past parts (and still our test runs in some situations) were printed using additive manufacturing ABS plastic. Now, we are going one step further and printing in nylon using SLS printers! Check out the shop for what we are offering, and look for any marked 'TESTERS WANTED!' for your chance to snag a heavily discounted part in return for helping us test-fit it. We only have access to so many jukeboxes and pinball machines near us to fit them up to. All the parts we print are modeled after existing pieces (usually broken), and some of them are beefed up when we remodel them to eliminate the common failure points in the original part.

You may see some of our old parts in the marketplace printed in ABS plastic. They are still wonderful and will work well so don't ignore them if you see one that you need! SLS printers will allow us to broaden our parts list because of the different style of printing structure within the machine.

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Interested in placing an order or learning more? Simply reach out today. We are available from 10AM to 6PM Central time.

Our office number is 715-941-1377 if you would like to give us a call.