About us

We are a small operation out of Prescott, WI, and specialize in the difficult technological problems.
New solutions to old problems are our forte. We do extensive work with 3D printed models, CAD work, and advanced board repair and soldering.
We have a small line of Jukebox replacement parts that come to us, get digitally modeled, and printed in a solid ABS core part. These parts are improved on before going back out to market. As new avenues present themselves in this field, more parts are added.
Our soldering bench handles everything form rare lamps to advanced circuit boards that routinely see heavy moisture. We rebuild, recap, diagnose, and do small production runs for electronics. Our chip writing capacity goes back to the earliest EEPROMS where a UV light box is required to erase the chips.
We have recently added an engraving machine to tackle the Near Field Communication tags that you can find on this site, Amazon, and E-Bay. These chips are the next step up in data retention for people requiring medical bracelets. On top of that, they are super durable and were vigorously tested in house by our resident three-year-old technician. No tags failed under her testing protocols.
We are a jack of all trades shop and welcome a new challenge. Feel free to e-mail us or call in!
Office: 715-262-8447