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Design & 3D Printing

In-house Design Services

We offer full design services using the Autodesk Fusion 360 platform. We are able to model most anything out there and offer high quality renderings, prototype non-structural (decorative) pieces, and fully structured ABS pieces.

Structural ABS 3D Printing

After the design phase, we can modify the piece to add strength, then print the pieces using ABS, with a multitude of colors available. As it is a strong plastic, we can print small parts with full rigidity that can withstand wear and tear like the original components.

Small Batch Production Runs

With the ABS printing, we are able to offer small batch processing. No expensive molds, no minimum orders. The design time and printing runs are treated separately, so there is no penalty for choosing one option or both together. You will see some of the items we offer for jukeboxes and other old machines featured on this site.