CAD Design Work & 3D Printing

In-house Design Services


We offer full design services in-house, and are able to do assemblies, redesign of obsolete or broken parts, and much more. We have the experience to build parts that are suited for different types of print styles (SLA, SLS, FDM). We can also deliver high quality renderings of Computer Aided Design files for marketing or other media purposes.

Structural ABS 3D Printing


After the design or re-design phase, we can work with you to modify, strengthen, shape, and improve the digital work even before the first print. From there, we can print models in ABS quickly to test fit, strength characteristics, and overall feasibility of the parts. Even in this stage, the parts can be used effectively as replacements.

Structural Nylon (PA12) Printing


After ABS, or if you have a finished model, we can work with Nylon as a medium. They are stronger along the shear planes, while being more flexible and solid. They can withstand machining better, and with SLS printers, more complicated parts can be printed accurately.

Small Batch Production Runs


With finished models, we can support small batch (<1000) production runs, or on-demand production runs to suit your needs. Parts that we have produced are effectively being used in jukeboxes and other old machines as fully functional components, usually replacing brittle plastic parts.