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W11651 WI-35, Prescott, WI 54021

An Ad-Hoc network with full DHCP server integrated into the antenna driver. Runs off 9-36 volts or 120 volt outlet. Creates a private intranet network with 200+ wireless clients possible, and a physical Ethernet cable from the antenna that can be hard lined to a device. It is possible to hard line to a switch and increase physical connections.


The system is ready to go out of the box, and can be assembled in minutes. A custom wireless network name, gateway, and password can all be selected if desired. If not, the network name and password will be assigned at random.


This comes with all objects pictured, and is packaged in a Pelican 1450 case.

Off-Grid Ad-Hoc Wireless+Wired Network Kit

    • 4dBi outdoor omni antenna
    • Ubiquiti Bullet Titanium
    • 120v Power over Ethernet adapter (Black)
    • 9-36V power input, 24v Power over Ethernet output adapter (White)
    • Bracket and U-bolts to mount antenna and antenna driver to a pole or other structure
    • One (1) 5ft Cat5e shielded outdoor Ethernet cable with molded ends
    • One (1) 10ft Cat5e shielded outdoor Ethernet cable with molded ends
    • One (1) Power cable for 120v Power over Ethernet adapter
  • POWER CABLING NOT INCLUDED FOR 9-36V MODULE - Any standard power cable can be used to supply the white PoE module with voltage between 9-36 volts. The white PoE adapter has a green terminal screw block that can be removed and stored with the wire if desired.